Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Time to Bake

I have a confession to make...

Baking intimidates me...and by baking I mean baking cakes, breads, sponges. 
I have made unsuccessful attempts at baking and all this deters me from trying out the next recipe.
I comfort myself by saying it just takes too much time and too much precision. 

Mava Cake

But the more I read a delicious recipe or watch everyone in these culinary  TV shows bake with such ease and no fuss, I am tempted to try my hand at it.  There definitely is so much more room for creativity when it comes to cakes and desserts.  But whenever I have tried  baking, I need to say a little prayer before I get the cake out of the oven.  And if you’ve guessed the prayers do not work.!!

It is almost like a baby taking her first steps,  she tries to stand and then suddenly plonks back on her butt.  This is exactly how my cakes behave.  As long as the cake is sitting inside the oven  I can see it beautifully rise and the moment it is out of it, it is deflated.
So I decided I have to take some baking lessons to get rid of my fears and apprehensions.  It is definitely not as simple as following a recipe and one has to master the techniques.  So I joined Patricia Trinidade’s baking class and in the first class we learnt to bake some basic cakes and cookies.  I tried making two of them this weekend and the result were these beautiful, perfectly moist and soft cakes.  Am already feeling confident to try out all those recipes from my collection of baking cookbooks.

So here are the pictures of the Madeira and the Mava cakes.  I am so proud of myself when I look at these.  Quick learner huh...:)

Madeira cake reminds me of my childhood. when every birthday in the family had to be celebrated with a Madeira cake made with raisins.  The oven would be lined up with two large cake tins  alongwith a dozen cup cakes.  The house would be filled with the sweet vaniila aroma. 

My grandfather was the chief baker with grandmother as the sous chef.  There were no fancy egg beaters.  All beating and whisking was done manually with  traditional ladles and spoons.  It was arduous effort but each one of us would take turns in helping grandma with the beating and mixing.  The hot cupcakes fresh out of the oven were our rewards for lending a helping hand.

Madeira Cake

The baking class has been fun and am looking forward  to attend the next one.  Pat is a wonderful teacher who is so passionate about baking.  Her zest and enthusiasm makes the class so interesting and worth every second. 


  1. I can't wait till I come to India and stay at your place, fresh hot chapatis in the morning, warm moist cake for tea, and I am sure you will also think of something creative for dessert.

    Now I just need to get enough points and I will be there in no time. ... Conrad

    1. You are welcome Conrad, anytime. When you don't have enough points, you take it from those who are blissfully unaware of what they you know who..

  2. Jane - the food looks fabulous. Why don't you come down and visit us in Toronto and re-create these creations :) Michele

    1. Thanks Mich...sure will visit someday soon...

  3. I have tasted your baking and WOW it is so yummy. Please pamper me more with your baking....ha ha ha. Joshua and I are your biggest fans, thanks.