Choco Walnut Gateau

Love Bites

Rich Chocolate Cake

Cranberry Delight


Red Velvet Cake with Easter theme
Black Forest

Sacher Cake
Rose Cake

Marble Cake

Banana Bread

Mava Cake

Madeira Cake

Melting Moments
Chocochip Cookies

Danish Cookies

Chocolate Cupcake

Orange Cupcake

Sacher Torte Pastries

Gingerbread Cookies

Xmas Cookies
Honey Torte

Fruit Cake

Strawberry Truffle
Marzipan Eggs

Chocolate Eggs

Choconana with cherries
Choconana Ring Cake

Marble cake

Chocobanana loaf
Orange Chiffon Cake


  1. Jane,

    The poem is lovely and somehow flows with the creative side you show in your baking and cookery. Amazing. Superb. Please carry on!! I love to read your blog.

    Fr. C.

    1. Thanks Fr. for the wonderful words. Will keep writing. Thanks for visiting.

  2. Jane,
    Awesome, Brilliant, You were always creative and this blog speaks tons about your creative and warm nature... Wow you are so good at baking... I want to taste each and everyone of these pastries, cupcake, cookies, cakes.... mmmmm.. yummmy...

  3. Thanks Anonymous...which I am guessing is you Vaishu. Will be happy to treat you to these goodies anytime...:) Or maybe when I visit you in London..:)