Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Dessert Dilemma..

A last minute whip up usually yields the best surprises.  Most often  a well planned holiday or a carefully thought out  menu or a beautifully planned wedding does not really seem to go all the way as planned.  There will always be some goof ups here and there but no one really notices or realises that something is different except the planner.  And that is because alongwith our planning we carry too many expectations and anxieties around  it.  Although I am a person who loves to organise and plan and prepare way ahead to avoid stress and running around at the nth hour,  I’d like to leave room for a few unplanned glitches.  Especially when it comes to travelling, these little uncertainties make for memorable moments.  Else it can never be that 'perfect' holiday.  Perfect is boring.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Its raining again

I wake up to a beautiful day.  The sky is grey and its raining.  Yes its finally raining.  The wind is lashing the rains against the window panes and I can feel this light mist on my face just right to make me pop up straight in my bed and look out of the window.  Am feeling lethargic to get dressed and get to work but at the same time am looking forward to wear my new pair of rain wear shoes and get a little wet. So I quickly get off my bed and get the water boiling for tea and am in the mood to listen to some Beatles.  They start belting out 'Love Love me do'...Perfect boys you are into the mood of things. A quick shower, breakfast and am out and soon on a train.