Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Dessert Dilemma..

A last minute whip up usually yields the best surprises.  Most often  a well planned holiday or a carefully thought out  menu or a beautifully planned wedding does not really seem to go all the way as planned.  There will always be some goof ups here and there but no one really notices or realises that something is different except the planner.  And that is because alongwith our planning we carry too many expectations and anxieties around  it.  Although I am a person who loves to organise and plan and prepare way ahead to avoid stress and running around at the nth hour,  I’d like to leave room for a few unplanned glitches.  Especially when it comes to travelling, these little uncertainties make for memorable moments.  Else it can never be that 'perfect' holiday.  Perfect is boring.

So here I was in the kitchen trying to fix a dessert.  We had just finished a lovely dinner with my aunt and uncle and was just missing a dessert to sum it up.  No ice cream nor fruits nor enough time to make a warm dessert either.  All I could see is the yoghurt and a home-made mango jam glaring at me from the top shelf of my refrigerator.  So I grab them and start whipping together some yoghurt and jam and spoon them into glasses.  I top them with toasted walnuts drizzled with honey and chill them a bit before serving.  This was a delicious fuss free, guilt free healthy dessert.  Additions of a few pieces of mango would have been ideal but nonetheless this made up for the missing dessert last evening.  So if you need a recipe here is how it goes...

Fruit-n-Nut Yoghurt Swirl

2 cups of yoghurt
3 tablespoons of jam (mango, strawberry, any flavour you prefer)
2 tbsps  of fresh chopped fruit (to pair with the jam you would use)
2 tbsps of toasted almonds/walnuts, chopped
1tbsp of honey or maple syrup
wedges of fresh fruit for decoration

Whisk together the yoghurt and jam till they have blended well.  Add the chopped fruits and mix with a spoon.  In a separate bowl mix the chopped nuts with the honey or maple syrup.  Now spoon the yoghurt mixture into glasses and top with the chopped nuts.  Leave the glasses in the refrigerator to chill a bit before serving.  Dig in a wedge of fresh fruit in each glass and serve.


  1. This is true for your cooking. Things uve cooked up without a thought have always been spectacular as opposed to planned ones.

  2. Hi Jane, you have a nice little blog. Like your short & sweet writings. Completely agree with you on the unplanned surprises. Infact planning just does not work for me, everything I planned in my life had disastrous effects. So have stopped planning, whether it was having my baby or moving into our new home a couple of months back. Things just happened and they were the more than I could ask for. Probably am God's chosen one and He just chalks out my life. Keep writing..Prakriti

    1. Thanks Prakriti for visiting my blog and please continue doing so. Cheers Jane