Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Its raining again

I wake up to a beautiful day.  The sky is grey and its raining.  Yes its finally raining.  The wind is lashing the rains against the window panes and I can feel this light mist on my face just right to make me pop up straight in my bed and look out of the window.  Am feeling lethargic to get dressed and get to work but at the same time am looking forward to wear my new pair of rain wear shoes and get a little wet. So I quickly get off my bed and get the water boiling for tea and am in the mood to listen to some Beatles.  They start belting out 'Love Love me do'...Perfect boys you are into the mood of things. A quick shower, breakfast and am out and soon on a train. 

It has been raining down town too.   As I walk down from the train station to office, I am plugged into my ipod.  My happy man Cee Lo is singing "Forget You...."  The weather is beautiful and the trees and buildings all look clean and green.  The car wipers seem to be swaying in perfect rhythm to my song.  I could almost break into a dance in the middle of the street.  How I wish I was invisible at these times. 

This weather makes me want to nosh on bhajiyas or fritters.  We order some at the office and have them with our evening tea.  We have an assortment of onion and potato bhajiyas and not to forget the hot green chillies that flush the perfect blush onto your face. 

I must admit though, the monsoons in Mumbai are definitely not a pleasant site always. The streets get messy and flooded, the traffic slows down  and on most days the weather makes you feel restless.  Rather than stepping out you wish you could just sit by the window and spend a lazy afternoon sipping your coffee, reading a good book.  But the first heavy showers are always exciting.  The air has an aroma of wet mud and all around you see this colourful line up of umbrellas.  All you can hear under the umbrella are the fat raindrops plonking themselves against the canvas.    The trees try to hold their heads up high as the wind pushes them to look the other way.   The dull wet weather leaves you in a state of unsettled happiness, a strange madness.  So if on one of these rainy days you feeling low & lonely, or hyper and happy or just nothing at all.....just blame it on the rain!!!

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