Tuesday, 26 June 2012

The Birthday Weekend

Sweet lil birthday message from darling Mel
Birthdays are special days, says who?,  says me.  And why not?  If I wouldn’t be born here on this earth, I would never have known my funny family , my crazy friends and my naughty nephews.  I would not have been writing this blog.  Jane would probably be an alien on some other planet.  Well I can hear someone chuckle, she almost looks like one.  And what if I was born without a roof over my head or in famine stricken Ethiopia.  Ethiopia – sorry I am drifting now, hey I would be adopted by Angelina or Madonna.  No such luck would be too old for that, would probably be adopted as the nanny.  Well but where I am is the perfect place where I was planted and there is every reason for me to celebrate life. There is a purpose and plan for each one of us, so they say.  And I think my plan now is to make the most of this weekend.  

So on the eve of my birthday it was a dinner with family at Spaghetti Kitchen, Inorbit Mall.  It serves authentic Italian cuisine without Indianising any dish hence this place does not get to crowded which is a boon.  We had some good Italian wine along with some Bruschettas and rosemary potatoes.  I got busy eating my food that forgot to take some pictures.  Here is one my nephew took of his mushroom cappuccino soup.  For the main course we had a mushroom asparagus spring veg risotto, olive & chicken risotto, rigatoni Agnello, Sicilian garlic chicken and spaghetti with meatballs.  We had stuffed ourselves so much that we had no room left to try any of the desserts.  So we rang in the birthday at Spaghetti Kitchen. 

Mushroom Cappuccino at Spaghetti Kitchen
Sunday evening, I went out with my friends  for dinner at Bungalow Nine in Bandra.  . It is a rustic Bandra heritage bungalow that is now a fine dine restaurant.  It is a fairly big place with formal seating inside the restaurant as well as a verandah kind of seating on the outside.  Being monsoons it was well covered.  The menu was limited it was not too difficult to select what we wanted.  We had a chicken    as appetiser and for the main course we had khow suey and Sri lankan yellow curry with rice.  The food was good but I was expecting a little more from a fine dine restaurant.  The staff definitely were not upto the standard.  We had a great time chatting away as the rain went plitter platter on the roof top.  Before we could head home we dropped in for filter coffee at Bru Cafe across the street.  A weekend well spent with my near and dear ones.

Lemon grilled chicken at Bungalow 9
Back in my bed that night  I close my eyes and spend some time with my Creator.   He has blessed me immensely and looked after me.  Thankyou for bringing so many beautiful people in my life either for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.  Thank you for surrounding me with my loved ones and giving me the opportunity to do the things I love. Thank you for showing me another beautiful year of my life.

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