Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Baking is Fun

The past two weeks or rather weekends were spent in recreating the stuff learnt at baking class.  It was fun getting my hands in the dough and kneading it to get a fairly elastic texture.  Breads seem to be a lot more easier than cakes, not too many ingredients and it isn't so much hard work as I thought it was.  Once you have mastered the kneading techniques it can be great fun, to then play around with the proven dough.  I think I am going to experiment a lot with breads. 

Well the first time I just tried the different shapes we learnt in class.  Just used some sun-dried tomatoes as topping on some of the breads.  The result was good enough to now try my hand at some stuffed bread.  So I decided to make a Spicy Mushroom Plait a couple of days later.  The aroma was amazing and so was the taste.  Had a bit of disaster management to do here as the bread base was glued to the baking tray.  Some miscalculations on the temperature controls.  But everyone just ate out of the tray, scraping every bit of it, leaving me with nothing to worry about.  It makes me happy to see people enjoy their food.

And I still had the choco-chip cup cakes to be done.  And these beauties turned out perfect.  I was so pleased with myself.  Well I know now why baking is fun....

Packed some of these for my colleagues at work, had to share the cakes and calories with them...!!

And these Chelsea Buns are a perfect accompaniment to a hot cup of tea on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

P.S. Thanks Pat (Patricia Trinidade 9820880498) for those wonderful sessions on baking.


  1. MMMMM ..... did you say you were heading to Toronto in the winter, warm bread and hot tea really go well on a cold winters day ... I can't wait.


    1. Most certainly....if someone can sponsor my airfare, I know I dont have to worry about the rest:)

  2. I think we both know your brother is the best one to ask.

  3. Yummilicious....