Tuesday, 18 November 2014


Love entwines around my soul
Singing tales of love untold
Cooling the air, raising me up
In a space I won't give up

Misty sprays on my face
Floating through your loving gaze
A snug cloud settles in
Encompasses all the warmth within

Sailing through the starry night
Distant sounds and fading lights
Sounds of beating hearts as one
Like pretty butterflies in the sun

Alluring gaze and dimpled smiles
Beneath the starry moonlit night
Whispers, huddles, breaths entwine
Silence fills this love sublime

Swiftly as the river flows
Unfolding of precious souls
The tears, the laughter, the joys n' pain
All blended in cosmic rain

Naked feet down cobbled paths
Street lights and empty carts
Insulating myriad nerves
Mysterious alleys and unknown curves

Poetry that weaves a web
Of  cryptic lines with silken thread
Warmed by the rising sun
Another journey has begun